Nominated for the Best Music, Dance and Drama class in London by Hoop 2019

"If you want your child to have their imagination sparked in an interesting and unique way then sign up for this class immediately"


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Amelia R, Mother of Private Student

Laura has been teaching my daughter drama since she was four. To begin with as part of a group and more recently with private lessons working towards LAMDA examinations. Fun, creativity  and imagination have always been the main focus and for Cleo lessons are a highlight of the week. Since lockdown lessons have continued on zoom. I was sceptical at first, but have been amazed how much has been achieved. Cleo now has several speeches from Shakespeare under her belt and has also developed an understanding of the text well beyond her 7 years. All of this is down to Laura’s enthusiasm, talent and ability to engage with young people. Everyone looks back at some point in their life .. remembering a special teacher that inspired them … I have no doubt for Cleo it will be Laura.

Dani C, Mother of a Mini Storyteller

Mini Storytellers is one of the most wonderfully creative and engaging classes in East Dulwich and Peckham. 

Every week the jumping off point is a nicely chosen theme and all the games, stories and activities have been carefully crafted to captivate a young audience. 

The main story teller Laura has a mesmerising effect on both children and adults and hooks you in from the moment she begins her adventure.

And an adventure it really is. 

If you want your child to have their imagination sparked in an interesting and unique way then sign up for this class immediately.

Melanie M, Mother of a Mini Storyteller

My daughter LOVES Mini Storytellers - it is so refreshing to attend an incredibly creative class which offers a different spin on storytelling. It has also been great for building my daughter’s confidence. Thank you Laura! You take care of Tuesday mornings for me and the children are super happy - win win 😊

Adult Trinity Exam Student 2020

I really did enjoy the Trinity course. I think Laura is a fabulous teacher - she made me so relaxed, I actually sang as part of the "rework" of one of my pieces (thankfully no windows broke in the course of my ditty!) The course was a really great way of developing our skills.